Magnuson 17-22 Colorado/Canyon 3.6L TVS1900 Supercharger (01-19-36-007-BL)

Magnuson 17-22 Colorado/Canyon 3.6L TVS1900 Supercharger (01-19-36-007-BL)


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Magnuson intercooled supercharger for the 2017-2022 Colorado and Canyon 3.6L includes everything you need to supercharge your Colorado, from calibration down to detailed instructions. Engineered specifically for the 3.6L LGZ V6, this system delivers 43% more horsepower than stock and with an additional 42% more torque. That's more than 439hp and 413lb-ft at the crank!

This system was developed to be a direct bolt on kit with minimal downtime, and straightforward installation. An enthusiast with basic tools can install the system in a weekend, or about a day for an experienced installer. The TVS1900 also looks and fits like OEM, almost like it belongs there. The supercharger itself is maintenance free; pre-filled and sealed, nothing to check or top off for the lifetime of the engine

Product Features

  • 439 hp and 413 ft-lbs at the crank at 8lbs of boost
  • Utilizes Eaton TVS Technology incorporating high helix, four lobe rotors for maximum supercharger efficiency across entire speed range
  • High-efficiency intercooler system for maximum charge air cooling and sustainable performance
  • Custom engineered supercharger belt-drive system for worry-free driving both on and off-road
  • Vacuum bypass system with instantaneous boost response designed to unload supercharger at engine idle and part-throttle for improved fuel economy. Intercooled bypass air is recirculated through the supercharger for rapid cooldown and ultimate performance
  • Proven maintenance-free supercharger technology. No added complexity of external supercharger oil cooler/heaters for extreme climates
  • Includes handheld tuner device, calibration, and detailed step by step instructions for a seamless installation experience
  • Standard 3-year/36,000-mile limited Supercharger System Warranty
  • CARB EO# D-488-63
  • Includes Free Shipping to the Lower 48!

Note: Ships direct from the manufacturer.

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