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Tech’s Choice: American Racing Headers

JDP Motorsports is known for quality packages and products. We carefully select the products we offer our customers through development and testing on our own cars. One thing that you should look for when you look at JDP Motorsports Development vehicles is the products that are on those cars. When selecting headers for our vehicles quality, material, design and the people producing the product are our criteria. We’ve been working with American Racing Headers for 10 years now and they are a great group. Here is some more information about American Racing Headers and why they are the recommended headers used by JDP Motorsports!

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News & Events

JDP 1000x for 6th Gen Camaro ZL-1/C7 Corvette Z06/3rd Gen CTS-V
1000 Horsepower The JDP-1000x Package is LIGHTSPEED fast and gives a huge increase in performance bringing supercar performance, and then
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Optima’s Search for the Ultimate Street Car Event Series
What is Optima’s Search for The Ultimate Streetcar? JDP Motorsports has been competing in the Optima Batteries Search for the
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Tech’s Choice: HP Tuners
Sandy, UT (July 15, 2019) JDP Motorsports is known for quality packages and products. We carefully select the products we
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Optima Round 3: Pikes Peak
Segment 1 – Design and Engineering Team JDP was really looking to improve their design and engineering scores for round
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“JDP setting the standard for the rest and the best”

Hey guys, just want to say you rock. Thanks for jumping on the car, staying late to complete the car. Your work ethic, teamwork, product knowledge, attention to detail and customer service are some of the things that has JDP setting the standard for the rest and the best. -Michael L

“Every mile is a dream!”

I have been bragging about all the wonders I am experiencing with my Camaro since the work you and your folks helped me with. Thank you for making my car so awesome! Every mile is a dream! -Don P

JDP made my Camaro fun again

My Camaro was initially tuned by another company and it never wanted to work properly. It was always burning oil and overheating. I gave it to JDP and they were able to fix all the issues that the other guys caused. I can’t speak highly enough for the quality of work and professionalism of JDP. […]

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The number 1 performance parts source with hands on installation knowledge for every product we offer. Our hard work has earned us a winning record over the last eight years competing against the best racers in the nation. JDP Motorsports is ready to help you build your dream ride.