A&A Corvette 14-19 C7/17-19 C7 Grand Sport Corvette Supercharger Kit (AAC7SCKIT-14)

A&A Corvette 14-19 C7/17-19 C7 Grand Sport Corvette Supercharger Kit (AAC7SCKIT-14)


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A&A Corvette supercharger for the 2014-2019 C7 Corvette Stingray and 2017-2019 C7 Grand Sport Corvette features a self-contained V3 Si head unit designed to provide efficiency in the 500 to 700 horsepower range. A fully machined SFI approved balancer with interchangeable lower pulleys is included as standard equipment allows the use of a dedicated 8 rib belt that does not interfere with the water pump or alternator belt.

A&A's C7 Ram Air Intercooler lays flat and is hidden behind the bumper cover. An aluminum scoop is welded to the intercooler which protrudes into the incoming air stream and directs it through the intercooler and out the bottom. Any air that is grabbed by the scoop is literally rammed through the intercooler core.

The bracket designed for this kit is stiff while remaining simple. They have solid billet mounts that attach the main bracket to the block and the cylinder head. Our cylinder head mount has FOUR mounting points. The A&A bracket uses steel idler and tensioner pulleys with dual bearings and the proper stanchions to support the bearings.

A&A Corvette's entire bracket, pulley and supercharger assembly comes completely preassembled for you. Take it out of the box and bolt it onto the block and cylinder head without having to assemble a thing!

NOTE: Please call us at 801-545-4215 for the following additional upgrade options not listed in the drop down: Satin Black Finish, V7 YSi Head Unit, 50 MM Raceport, u201cBIG BUBBAu201d with Trumpet, and 10-Rib.

Note: Ships direct from the manufacturer.

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