JDP Motorsports 19-22 Silverado/Sierra 6.2L Supercharged 650HP Package (JDP-GMT6G62A-650)

JDP Motorsports 19-22 Silverado/Sierra 6.2L Supercharged 650HP Package (JDP-GMT6G62A-650)


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Application: 2019-2022 Silverado/Sierra 6.2L L87 Global A w/Analog Sweeping Gauges

Our performance packages are designed around our hands on knowledge and experience developing the best combination of the highest quality products to achieve optimal performance while maintaining reliability.

The Magnuson TVS2650 Truck Kit will give your engine an incredible 45% boost in horsepower: 650 hp and 630 ft-lbs at the crank (6.2L)! Featuring a massive charge air cooler, sitting directly above the supercharger outlet for maximum cooling capability. The uniquely styled lid has been designed to allow consistent and uniform air flow to all eight cylinders, for reliable, repeatable performance.

The Elite Engineering's PCV Oil Catch Can has a unique 3-chamber design to effectively separate oil from the crankcase vapors, thereby eliminating all negative effects of excessive intake system oil contamination.

The AEM Electronics X-Series Wideband UEGO AFR Sensor Controller Gauge with OBDII Connectivity is a must for anyone looking to maximize engine power and safety. X-Series Widebands are the fastest responding controllers in independent testing against 17 other wideband controllers. It's high speed digital implementation ensures no loss of signal fidelity and full transient response, making it able to identify the slightest fluctuations in AFR and output them in full value.

HP Tuners MPVI3 redefines the limits of speed and control with faster standalone data logging and 2X the storage capacity compared to the previous generation. Log more runs (faster) and store more calibrations on your MPVI3, all with the convenience of eliminating your laptop from the equation.

Truck Performance Supercharged 650HP Package Includes

  • Magnuson TVS2650
  • AcDelco Water Pump
  • GM AC Belt with Tool
  • Elite Engineering E2 Catch Can
  • NGK TR6IX Iridium Spark Plugs
  • AEM X-Series Wideband UEGO AFR Sensor Controller Gauge with OBDII
  • Aeroforce Single Gauge Pod
  • HP Tuners MPVI3 with VCM Suite
  • Mobil1 Engine Oil and GM Filter
  • JDP Limited Warranty
  • Professional Installation by JDP Motorsports
  • JDP Motorsports Dyno Validation Before and After

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