JDP Motorsports 16-23 Camaro SS/17-23 ZL1 MRC Stage 3 Track Spec Suspension Package (JDP-6G-TS3)

JDP Motorsports 16-23 Camaro SS/17-23 ZL1 MRC Stage 3 Track Spec Suspension Package (JDP-6G-TS3)


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Application: 2016-2023 Camaro SS & 2017-2023 Camaro ZL1

Our performance packages are designed around our hands on knowledge and experience developing the best combination of the highest quality products to achieve optimal performance while maintaining reliability.

The Detroit Speed 6th Gen Camaro Coilover Shocks utilize JRi Shocks’ double adjustable dampers. Ultimate Performance takes this state of the art double adjustable shock platform to the next level by installing alternative Hyperco spring rates and preset shock adjustments to optimize your cars performance. We also provide track specific alignment specifications. The Detroit Speed front coilovers are a direct bolt-on assembly that completely replace the front strut assembly with camber plates. The lower strut mounts come with an assortment of camber slugs for precise and secure camber settings. Typical struts use an oblong hole to set the camber. This is not accurate and can move over time, the DSE slugs keep your camber settings safe and secure. To compliment the lower mount, DSE uses their patented “Adjustment Stars” on the camber plates for precise and fine tuned camber settings. For easy damper adjustments, both damper adjustments are located at the top of the strut under the hood.

Detroit Speed Rear Coilover Tower Brace Kit is a bolt-in design that increases overall vehicle stiffness. It is made of lightweight aluminum with a black anodized finish that includes the brace and installation hardware.

Hotchkis Adjustable Competition Sway Bars are designed to reduce body roll and drastically improve steering response and control.

SPL's Endlinks are length adjustable to eliminate preload on the sway bars, which can result from uneven settling of springs or uneven suspension heights from corner weighting.

SPL Parts rear toe links increase stability and response by eliminating bushing deflection while providing an increased range of rear toe adjustment, necessary for lowered cars or for performance alignments.

SPL Parts front lower control arms are machined from 4130 Chromoly, gun drilled to reduce weight, then electroless nickel plated for corrosion resistance. Blue Anodized Titanium hardware shaves even more unsprung weight from the arms without compromising strength. Stainless Steel spacers are provided to correct roll center for lowered vehicles. The use of FK Rod Ends and High Misalignment Spherical Bearings eliminates the flex and binding found in the OEM control arms, while allowing smooth articulation.

SPL Parts front tension rods provide a wide range of front caster adjustment, allowing precise alignment for optimal turn-in response and to compensate for variances between left and right caster.

SPL Parts rear upper traction arms and links increase stability and response by eliminating bushing deflection under hard acceleration and braking and help to reduce wheel hop on hard launches.

SPL Parts bumpsteer adjustable front tie rod ends allow the tie rod end pivot to be relocated, which will correct bump steer resulting from modified caster or lower arm geometry, thus reducing lap times.

GM MRC Shock Simulator Kit allows removal of OEM Magnetic Shocks AND Ride Height Sensors.

JDP Motorsports racing stud and lug nut kit feature 28 mm longer than stock and feature a longer tapered bullet nose.

MRC Stage 2 Track Spec Package Includes

  • Ultimate Performance Double Adjustable Front Coilover Package
  • Ultimate Performance Double Adjustable Rear Coilover Package
  • Detroit Speed Rear Coilover Tower Brace
  • GM Solid Subframe Mount
  • Hotchkis Adjustable Competition Sway Bar Package
  • SLP Parts Front Sway Bar Endlinks
  • SLP Parts Rear Sway Bar Endlinks
  • SPL Parts Rear Toe Links w/Eccentric Lockout
  • SPL Parts Front Lower Control Arms
  • SPL Parts Front Tension Rods
  • SPL Parts Rear Upper Traction Arms
  • SPL Parts Rear Traction Links
  • SPL Parts Rear Upper Arms
  • SPL Parts Bumpsteer Adjustable Front Tie Rod Ends
  • SPL Parts Rear Knuckle Bushings
  • SPL Parts Camber Eccentric Lockout Kit
  • GM MRC Shock Simulator Kit
  • MSI Racing Wheel Stud and Lug Kit
  • Professional Installation by JDP Motorsports
  • Performance Alignment and Scale Corner Balance by JDP Motorsports

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