“JDP setting the standard for the rest and the best”

Hey guys, just want to say you rock. Thanks for jumping on the car, staying late to complete the car. Your work ethic, teamwork, product knowledge, attention to detail and customer service are some of the things that has JDP setting the standard for the rest and the best. -Michael L

“Every mile is a dream!”

I have been bragging about all the wonders I am experiencing with my Camaro since the work you and your folks helped me with. Thank you for making my car so awesome! Every mile is a dream! -Don P

JDP made my Camaro fun again

My Camaro was initially tuned by another company and it never wanted to work properly. It was always burning oil and overheating. I gave it to JDP and they were able to fix all the issues that the other guys caused. I can’t speak highly enough for the quality of work and professionalism of JDP. […]