Ridetech 10-15 Camaro SS StrongArm Control Arms (11505899)

Ridetech 10-15 Camaro SS StrongArm Control Arms (11505899)


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Ridetech strongarm control arms for the 2010-2015 Camaro SS includes two lower control arms, two trailing arms, delrin bushings and two toe rods with Kevlar-lined rod ends. The adjustable billet system complements Ridetech Coil-overs or Shockwave™ air suspension. The StrongArm system reduces unsprung weight and unwanted flex.

Product Features

  • Trailing Arms, Toe Links, and Lower Control Arms are more rigid in compression, tension, and torsion than OEM parts, while saving weight
  • Handling is more responsive and predictable
  • CNC machined out of US-made 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Trailing arms and lower control arms feature mechanically locked alignment settings to eliminate slipping under high loads with sticky tires
  • Tab alignment system for predictable, repeatable alignment changes in minimal time
  • Lower Control Arms provide approximately 4-degrees of camber adjustment — Ideal for lowered vehicles
  • Trailing Arm adjustment compensates for extreme camber setting changes to maintain geometry
  • Toe links utilize Kevlar lined rod ends and lightweight aluminum adjusting sleeves
  • Lower Control Arm includes integrated mounts for both FE3 (inboard) and FE4 (outboard) mounting style sway bars
  • Trailing Arm and Lower Control Arms feature injection-molded Delrin inboard bushings, greatly reducing suspension compliance under lateral and longitudinal loads
  • Anodized black with laser-etched Ridetech logos

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