Ridetech 05-13 C6 Corvette Touring Suspension Package (11510101)

Ridetech 05-13 C6 Corvette Touring Suspension Package (11510101)


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Ridetech touring suspension package for the 2005-2013 C6 Corvette offers significant performance and quality while adding tuning capability.

Designed to lower your vehicle and improve handling and ride quality.The package starts with Ridetech’s excellent monotube shock absorbers with adjustable rebound. At the turn of a knob, you can fine-tune handling and ride quality to match your Corvette’s tires as well as your personal driving style. With impact-forged bodies and heavy-duty shafts, Ridetech shocks carry a million-and-one-mile warranty. To eliminate deflection, the Corvette Touring Package includes self-lubricating delrin bushings. As OE bushings age, they wear more quickly and become sloppy. Ridetech replacement bushings provide crisp responsive handling and world-class ride quality. Finishing off the package, Ridetech provides custom-tuned front and rear Musclebar sway bars. All-new, the designs deserve a closer look. The front sway bar features investment-cast bar ends and delrin-lined frame bushings. The rear sway bar features an adjustable clamp-on end link design.

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