Magnuson 15-19 C7 Z06 Corvette TVS2300 Heartbeat Supercharger (01-23-62-174-TI)

Magnuson 15-19 C7 Z06 Corvette TVS2300 Heartbeat Supercharger (01-23-62-174-TI)


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Installation Kit

Magnuson Heartbeat supercharger for the 2015-2019 C7 Z06 Corvette LT4.

Product Features

  • TVS2300 Heartbeat Hybrid-roots supercharger
  • Clears the factory Corvette hood and requires no body modifications
  • TVS2300 Front-Inlet Front-Drive rotors, utilizes the same Eaton technology as the Corvette ZR1 LS9
  • Provides cooler discharge temperatures than comparable twin-screw systems
  • Advanced high-flow inlet forward design
  • Includes Twin dual-pass charge-air-coolers utilise Formula-1 racing thermal-control technology
  • Acoustically designed to minimize noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH)
  • Better air-handling characteristics than comparable superchargers
  • 100% complete bolt-on system which can be installed in one day
  • More power in a smaller package
  • Internal Bypass Valve virtually eliminates parasitic loss (uses less than 1/3 of a horsepower at 60 mph)
  • Delivers a proven increase in real world "under the curve" power
  • High thermal efficiency
  • 2.4 pressure ratio capability
  • High helix four-lobe rotors with 160 degrees of twist
  • Redesigned inlet and outlet ports
  • Utilizes all factory "push-lock" connectors
  • Displacement on demand hardware retained for improved fuel economy
  • Components have been independently tested to GM’s specification
  • Carb EO # D-488-34

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