Hotchkis 10-12 Camaro SS Stage 1 TVS (80115-1)

Hotchkis 10-12 Camaro SS Stage 1 TVS (80115-1)


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The Hotchkis Sport Suspension Stage 1 TVS system for the 2010-2012 Camaro SS offers a sleek lowered stance, dramatically improved handling and superior driver control. Hotchkis engineers poured over track testing data to develop a balanced handling system, comfortable enough for the street, but well balanced for the occasional track day or your favorite twisty road. The system is comprised of 1" lowered higher rate sport coil springs paired with front and rear, lightweight, adjustable sway bars. All components are manufactured in the USA, come with complete hardware, greasable bushings and are finished off in a durable powder coated finish. This bolt on upgrade can transform your Camaro SS into a canyon carver in minutes.

Product Features

  • Tuned, Balanced System combines sport springs and adjustable sway bars.
  • Higher Performance Rates, Front 210lbs/in, Rear 440 lbs/in, 1" Lowered Stance.
  • Lightweight 1.25" tubular front sway bar. 210% stiffer than stock SS.
  • Lightweight 1" adjustable tubular rear sway bar +80,120,170% stiffer than stock SS.
  • Includes greasable polyurethane bushings, and mounts.
  • Direct bolt- on installation
  • Durable, gloss black powder coat finish.


  • Reduces body roll, improving handling performance and drivability.
  • Sleek, lowered stance with sporty, yet comfortable ride.
  • Improves steering response and cornering ability.
  • Allows suspension tuning for optimum track or street performance.
  • Sway bars feature lightweight tubular design.
  • Contains all necessary mounting and bushings.
  • Bolt-In installation requires no vehicle modifications.

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