Diode Dynamics 14-20 Camaro SS/15-20 ZL1 Replacement OEM HID Bulbs (DD1043P)


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Diode Dynamics Replacement OEM HID Bulbs for the 2014-2020 Camaro provides plug and play replacement with a nice increase in output. Includes a manufacturer's 3 year replacement warranty.

Product Features

  • OEM-grade replacement bulbs
  • Perfect alignment, high output
  • True colors, with no variance
  • Ceramic base for heat protection

Output Options

  • 3000K is the lowest temperature, and has a pure yellow output, which is great for use in fog lights.
  • 4300K is a natural white output, as seen on vehicles with factory HIDs. It will not have any blue tint to its color, and might appear slightly warm.
  • 5000K is a pure white output, without any warm hint, and no tint of blue either.
  • 6000K is our most popular color, which produces an ice white color. It matches best with most LEDs.
  • 8000K is the highest temperature, which produces an ice blue color. This is not a strong blue color though- it is still primarily white, meaning there will be no decrease in light output.

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