ACS 20-21 C8 Corvette 1VM Splitter (50-4-021CFZ)


Regular price $499.00

ACS 1VM Splitter for the 2020-2021 C8 Corvette is designed as an intermediate splitter between the entry level 3 piece OEM Z51 Splitter and the GM 5VM splitter. The ACS 1VM is a single piece construction with no visible seams. It features a winglet-delete (no winglets on the side of the splitter) giving it a sleek and stealthy appearance without sacrificing on its aggressive front end.

Splitters are made in PC Composite, which is a manufacturing technique generally reserved for high volume production runs due to its expensive tooling investment. The result is a black molded parts with extreme resistance to heat and scraping capabilities. Ideal for splitter applications.

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