ACS 17-19 C7 Grand Sport/15-19 C7 Z06 Corvette Splitter (45-4-037)


Regular price $499.00

Surface Finish
Undertray Option
Side Winglet, Deflector Selection

ACS Splitter for the 2017-2019 Grand Sport Corvette and 2015-2019 C7 Z06 Corvette is a clean looking, durable, and aerodynamic component that will benefit the front end of your Corvette. The splitter is manufactured in proprietary PC Composite process following the highest quality standards.

For Added Rigidity and Aerodynamic Performance:

The undertray option enhances the aerodynamics by keeping all edges smooth and directing air with the minimum amount of turbulence. Additionally, it increases the rigidity of the component to withstand the dreadful driveway bump and scrapes. The undertray also has revised brake cooling ducts and added extra mounting points with linear fins, which keep airflow as laminar as possible.

Optional Deflectors:

Stage 2: Similar to the Z06 Stage 2 Deflectors, are the smallest and conservative option.

Stage 3: For an aero-performance and bold look, the S3 is the choice to consider.

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