Tech’s Choice: HP Tuners

Sandy, UT (July 15, 2019)

JDP Motorsports is known for quality packages and products. We carefully select the products we offer our customers through development and testing in our own cars. One thing you should look for when you see JDP Motorsports Development vehicles is what parts and brands are used on those cars. When it comes to calibrating our vehicles, the quality, design and the people producing the product are our criteria. We’ve been working with HP Tuners for years now and they are a great group. Here are the reasons why HP Tuners is the trusted brand for custom tuning by JDP Motorsports!


The team at HP Tuners is made up of great people who are very knowledgeable in their craft. The team works very hard to complete their mission to set the standard when it comes to reading, writing, and advancing in the tuning industry. Whether you’re looking to data log your car to find solutions for better fuel economy, or looking to crank up your power level, HP Tuners is the tool you need.

Advanced Technology

HP Tuners is offering the latest in tuning for ALL vehicle enthusiasts. They recently started offering ‘Track Addict’ and ‘Race Render’ that work with the HP Tuners MPVI2 in your vehicle to read diagnostics so you can make the proper adjustments to get the best experience. Track Addict is a smartphone app that lets you record lap times, data logs, and videos. You can then analyze all this data in order to cut down those lap times. Race Render is a software offered by HP Tuners that allows you to make and edit videos with overlays, data visualizations, or even your own logo.

Purpose behind the Product

These new innovations on top of the already amazing capabilities of the MPVI2 Tuner for your vehicle make HP Tuners the best in the business. They allow you to calibrate your car specific to its needs, to ensure that you have complete control over your vehicle, and how it behaves. When you get a custom JDP Calibration on your JDP built vehicle with HP Tuners, we know you and your vehicle will appreciate the accuracy, and quality of the tune, making a huge difference in the way your car runs, drives, and feels.

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