Optima Round 3: Pikes Peak

Segment 1 – Design and Engineering

Team JDP was really looking to improve their design and engineering scores for round 4 of Optima’s Search for the Ultimate Street Car at Pikes Peak International Raceway this month. The team went over what new additions were made to the cars prior to going to the event. The competition level at this event was very stout and the team pulled off an 8th place finish in the GT class with John Grow’s JDP 1200X ZL-1 1LE, “LILITH”, and Anthony Scalici taking 5th, also in GT, in his JDP built ZL-1 1LE. Jordan Priestley, competing in the GTS class pulled off a 4th place finish in C7 Grand Sport Corvette, “BERNICE”.

Shot by Kaleb Kelley – ShortShift Media

Segment 2 – AutoCross

Autocross is a very challenging segment! It requires precise handling and extreme control. While many think horsepower is the answer, JDP knows chassis set up is a key. Jordan Priestley was able to nail down 1st place in the GTS class while taking 2nd overall in the autocross segment. While team members Jame Darden finished in 1st, Tony Scalici in 5th and John Grow took 11th place in the GT class. We had an excellent representation from many JDP customers at PPIR!

Shot by Kaleb Kelley – ShortShift Media

Segment 3 – Road Rally

Fountain Colorado provided the competitors with a nice little road rally for this event. Taking the racers down the highway to Pueblo and back. This allowed for some awesome opportunities for the competitors to see each other rolling strong on the highway, as well as some spirited driving on the freeway of Colorado. Though we had to be sure to not get too rowdy, as being pulled over by any Police would ensure a loss of 100 points towards our event points total.

Segment 4 – Powerstop Brakes Speed Stop Challenge

The speed stop challenge is one segment that requires a unique skill set not found in many racing series. Drivers have to accelerate from a standing start with a tight turn with more acceleration into another turn and then slow the vehicle down from a high rate of speed in a 40×20 box. Think of it as going into your garage at 60+ MPH!!! The course is set up with two mirrored sides (one left and one right) for every run. They are then scored by the combined time of the two runs. “BERNICE” was able to run the course in a combined 21.429 seconds, giving Jordan the fastest time on our team and 5th place in GTS and 7th overall. The GT class had “LILITH” finish with a combined time of 21.889 seconds, which put the JDP 1200X car, driven by John Grow, in 2nd place. Tony Scalici was able to place right below John in 3rd place, his time was very close, at 21.983 seconds.

Segment 5 – Falken Tire Road Course

The Falken Tire Road Course is always a favorite to many of the competitors. The course at PPIR is a ROVAL (Road Course and Oval) and there is a dip in the center between turns 1 and 2 in the banking for the tunnel entrance to the infield. This creates some pucker moments and if you don’t hit it just right it could be disastrous. Heading down from turn 2 into turn 3 the course completely changes, with a tight and technical infield section, part of which was used in the autocross. All the best times were posted up in the earlier sessions of the day, with increasing temperatures throughout the day knocking time off of all the hot laps. 1:00.138 was the best time pulled off by driver Jordan Priestley. A very impressive time which landed in a 3rd place finish in GT class behind drivers Steve Kepler, in his 2013 Nissan GT-R and Austin Barnes in his 2010 Dodge Viper. John Grow loves the Road Course portion of these events, giving him a chance to use some of that 1200hp. Grow held on to his fastest time of 1:01.477 giving him 1st place in the GT class, with Tony Scalici pulling off 3rd place in GT, running a hot lap time of 1:02.036.

Final Results

The event at Pikes Peak International Raceway is always one of our favorite events on the circuit and it is very challenging with a high level of competition. Team JDP had some great results in their JDP built cars. To start off, Jordan Priestley in the C7 Corvette, “BERNICE” finished 2nd place in GTS, behind Austin Barnes. The two talented drivers tied in the competitive segments but the Design and Engineering segment put a 9 point gap between Austin and Jordan. Moving on to the GT class, JDP would like to congratulate Anthony Scalica in his JDP built Camaro for taking 1st place in class for the event! He battled hard and deserves the win with his awesome car. John Grow just barely missed out on the podium, finishing in 4th place for the class. The team cannot wait for the next Optima event August 15-16 at Road America in Wisconsin. We look forward to improving continually raising the bar and proving what we so here at JDP Motorsports!

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