Techs Choice: Centerforce Clutches

JDP Series Centerforce Clutch

Find out why Centerforce Clutches are the recommended clutch systems used by JDP Motorsports!

Sandy, UT (June 5, 2019)

JDP Motorsports is known for quality packages and products. We carefully select the products we offer our customers through development and testing in our own cars. One thing you should look for when you see JDP Motorsports Development vehicles is what parts are on those cars. When selecting a clutch system for our vehicles, the system quality, material, design, and the people producing the product are our criteria. We’ve been working with Centerforce for 10 years now and they are a great group. Here are the reasons why Centerforce clutches are are the recommended clutches used by JDP Motorsports!


For more than 25 years Centerforce has been a leader in clutch innovation and quality. To ensure the highest level of quality, every clutch design that Centerforce offers is run through a gauntlet of test procedures. They continually monitor and evaluate clutch-holding capacity by utilizing specific friction materials and accurate Pressure Plate clamp load measurements. Clutch breakaway torque readings are further verified through their specially built clutch testing equipment.

It is important to note that these values are not just mathematical calculations on paper – their numbers are backed up by real world testing by both Centerforce and JDP Motorsports. Centerforce uses the latest in CAD/CAM technology for all of their in house product designs. This coupled with precise measurement and strict manufacturing control means you get parts right – the first time.

Race Track and Street Proven

JDP Motorsports and Centerforce test every product to ensure their customers are getting the best possible clutches for their vehicles. Here at JDP we have tested the Centerforce products through extensive track and street use in our JDP built development vehicles, as well as used them for years on our customers builds with continued success. Centerforce clutches play a big part in JDP’s success on tracks in race events all over the country.


Centerforce has been developing and designing clutches for over 25 years. In that 25 years they have developed some great designs and innovation for their product. One of these being the Ball bearing designs in their pressure plates. The ball bearing designs allows for more clamp pressure while keeping the stock dimensions, while making less pedal effort, to make a more stock feel, with upgraded performance. This is just one of the designs that Centerforce uses to improve clutch function.

Quality People, Quality Products

The quality of Centerforce Products is unmatched. The experience, dedication, and personal involvement of their hands-on company and their entire team of employees ensure that every Centerforce customer is confidently investing in quality, durability, and performance with every purchase.

These are the reasons JDP Motorsports trusts Centerforce clutches on our cars and our builds. We are also very excited to announce co-branded Centerforce 8.75″ DYAD and TRIAD clutches that will be offered in our packages in 2019 and beyond! If you’re looking for the ULTIMATE clutch, you can’t go wrong with Centerforce clutches! Give us a call anytime and we’ll spec the perfect system for you!

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