Optima Round 2 – NCM Motorsports Park – Bowling Green, Kentucky

Segment 1 – Design and Engineering

The design and engineering segment of the “Optima Search for the Ultimate Streetcar” is a huge part of the contestants total points for the event. The design and engineering is a competition where the racers are given 4 minutes to impress the judges with the products, installation, creativeness, and styling of their competing car. Jordan Priestley did very well in this category scoring a 92 out of 100 on the design and engineering segment. It was helped us gain one edge to help BERNICE take 1st place in the GTS class.

C7 Corvette “BERNICE” on the Autocross track

Segment 2 – Autocross

Taking 5th overall and 2nd in his class of GTS, Jordan Priestley in our JDP built Corvette, “BERNICE” Jordan ran his fastest time of 28.616. The fastest time of the event was a 28.208. John Grow in his JDP 1200x took 4th place in the GT class with a fastest time of 29.780, the fastest time in his class being 29.031. JDP built ZL-1 1LE owned by Tony Scalici took 3rd place in the GT class finishing just above John Grow with a best time of 29.622. With the great level of competition at this event we are proud of the way all the JDP built cars ran and performed.

John Gow’s JDP 1200x built “LILITH” on road rally

Segment 3 – Road Rally

The Road Rally that took place the first night of the event took us on a nice drive on the actual streets of Bowling Green with some beautiful landscapes both in the Urban and open country settings. This allowed for some awesome content capturing by JDP Media as well as all the other drivers and their media teams. For the Road Rally each driver was given an enveloped with their driver’s license sealed inside. They then had to drive their car to a location in the city and back to NCM without being asked to show their license, breaking the envelope. This proves that your car that you are competing with is indeed a street legal car. All JDP cars were able to complete the Road Rally, earning them big points towards the overall win.

JDP built “LILITH” and “BERNICE”

Segment 4 – Speed Stop

The speed stop events are always one of our favorites to participate in and watch, and the one that took place at NCM was no different. This event requires drivers to get up to as fast as they can in a short period of time, turn a corner, accelerate as much as possible again, and then stop in the shortest distance they can. This requires drivers to have a very good knowledge and feel for their car, since every car performs differently. Beautiful “BERNICE” was able to get 2nd place in the GTS class with a combined time of 17.975 seconds, losing to only one other competitor who ran a combined time of 17.517 seconds. John Grow and “LILITH” were able to get 4th place in the GT class while Tony Scalici managed to pull off a 2nd place finish. The times of Grow and Scalici were 18.604 seconds and 18.451 seconds, respectively.

“BERNICE” on the Road Course at NMC

Segment 5 – Road Course

The Road Course is a test of driving skill,as well as the overall performance and durability of the car. Our own Jordan Priestley took BERNICE around the NMC Road Course with a time of 2:14.925. This landed him in 6th place overall and 4th place in the GTS class. Battling issues with our newly installed ARE dry sump oil system, this was a great finish for our team. LILITH had a lot of fun on this course, and was able to finish a hot lap in 2:20.690 which ended her driver, John Grow, in 6th in the GT class, and 25th overall. The third of the team JDP drivers on the course was Tony Scalici. Tony put down an impressive time of 2:19.744, securing 4th in GT, and 19th overall.

“”BERNICE” with her new trophies

Event Summary

Though battling issues with our C7 Grandsport and her newly installed ARE Dry Sump Oil system, the team was able to pull off a 1st place finish in the GTS Class in “BERNICE” congrats to Jordan Priestley on driving this beast to a well deserved victory, and for earning an invite to OPTIMA’s Search for the Ultimate Street Car Invitational in Las Vegas, Nevada at the end of the year. Team member John Grow was able to tame his beastly 1200x ZL-1 1le to secure a 4th place in the GT class. Tony Scalici, rocking a JDP built ZL-1 1le as well, ran a great weekend landing him in 2nd place in the GT class with John. We look forward to more events and seeing those beautiful JDP built cars tearing up the track and the street all over the country throughout the rest of the year.

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