Techs Choice: Detroit Speed

Here’s why Detroit Speed Inc. is the choice for Suspension at JDP Motorsports!

SANDY, UT (May 24th, 2019)

Here at JDP Motorsports we have made it a priority to hand select the best products to use for our JDP Packages and JDP built cars, trucks, and SUVs. JDP track tests every product that we use in our packages for our customers’ cars. When it comes to suspension for JDP built vehicles, we make sure to look for the products with the highest quality, exceptional performance, best design, as well as a great company behind the product. Detroit Speed is superior in all of these areas, that is why JDP Motorsports chooses to use Detroit Speed INC.

“American made for American Muscle”

Detroit Speed produces the highest quality of product right here in the homeland of the U.S.A. Their engineers work hard to stay in the loop on the latest in manufacturing to ensure the highest quality parts for performance and reliability. Detroit Speed has engineers at

events and competitions all around the country, year round. They attend these events with their own Detroit Speed project cars to test out their products in real world situations, how they are made to be used. So that their customers don’t ever have to second guess the overall well being of their parts.

Variety of products – for a variety of cars

Detroit Speed offers a large variety of products for all American Muscle cars ranging from old to new. All it takes to see this range is a quick visit to their website, or a quick scroll through the Detroit Speed Instagram page. You can see the Detroit Speed not only makes products to fit classic and modern cars alike, they also put all their products through testing on this same impressive variety of vehicles. Whether its on a new 21st century high-powered performance vehicle, a 1960’s classic muscle car, a pre-runner rally truck, or anything in between, Detroit Speed INC. Has you covered with carefully engineered and thoroughly tested parts.

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