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With modern day electronic fuel injection systems, tuning has never been easier. JDP Motorsports offers various solutions that allow you to tune your ECU from the convenience of the driver seat. These plug-and-play units allow you to change maps and make tuning adjustments on the fly, with no need to take your car in to a shop. Whether you are simply tuning a stock engine to get more power from it, or tuning for larger injectors and a forced induction system, the units brought to you by DiabloSport and HP Tuners have you covered. With an easy OBD2 interface, connecting to your engine control module is very simple. Once connected, you will be able to read and write files to the ECU, as well as read and clear stored fault codes. Some units, such as the DiabloSport Trinity Tuner have built in features such as the Virtual Dragstrip, which compute 1/4 mile, 1/8 mile, 0-60, and 0-100 times. External warning and shift lights can be setup to alert the driver, based on parameters that have been setup. The HP Tuners MVPI VCM Suite allows you to connect a laptop to your vehicle and take control of all adjustments and custom tune to your liking. This setup even has a wideband air/fuel input that allows you to connect any major wideband controller and log it along with all of the factory sensors. This is all done with the stock ECU, no aftermarket ECU hassle! Use one of these tuning units to upgrade the software on your engine control module and release hidden power. JDP Motorsports has these in stock for all major applications such as Chevy Camaro, SS, ZL1, Corvette, Z06, Cobalt, Tahoe, CTS, Firebird, Pontiac, GTO, Silverado, and others.