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Safety Race Equipment

Along with all of the performance parts that JDP Motorsports has become known for, we carry a wide selection of safety and race equipment! From fire extinguisher mounts to tow hooks, harness bars and lap belt mount kits, we have what you need to get onto the track safely. As with every part that we offer, we wouldn't sell it if we didn't trust it in our own vehicles! JDP Motorsports offers a selection of in-house designed front and rear tow hooks, which are designed for each application and feature a 2" eyelet to meet most sanctioning body rules. We have designed these to allow track workers to quickly and easily attach tow equipment in the case of emergency, with no concern of body damage from incorrect towing. Each tow hook includes necessary mounting hardware and tow sticker, and is completed with a flawless powdercoat finish. We also offer tow hooks from Proven Wicked, which are made from high quality steel and include ARP hardware for secure attaching. Each piece is designed in CAD software and stress-tested with FEA analysis, with features such as a radiused eye hole to prevent any stress risers. We also carry the highest quality safety equipment from Brey-Krause, which has become known for their quality and fitment. Quick-release fire extinguisher mounts, lap belt mounts, seat mounts, and harness mount bars are available, with each component designed to use OEM mount points. That's right, no cutting, drilling, or modification for fitment! Make sure to stop by JDP Motorsports to gather everything you need to prep your car for the track correctly! JDP Motorsports has a large variety of safety and race parts to outfit your Chevy Camaro, SS, Corvette, Z06, or Z28!