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JDP Motorsports believes in offering the entire package when it comes to upgrades, so we offer everything you need to upgrade your entire exhaust system. When it comes to exhaust upgrades, headers are usually found at the top of the list. This is due to their importance in increasing power output from your engine. By replacing the factory counterparts, performance headers feature larger diameter runners and smoother transitions to get air out of the head faster and to reduce any flow restrictions. We offer short and long tube headers, along with catted and non-catted connection pipes, which aid in the transition between headers and the X pipe. Some packages include both headers and connection pipes, making the task of matching the two simple. High quality products are offered here at JDP Motorsports from manufacturers such as American Racing, Doug Thorley, Dynatech, Flowmaster, KOOKS, Stainless Works, and more. Upgrade your headers to match your aftermarket cat-back system with the large selection here at JDP Motorsports, available for your Chevy Camaro, Corvette, GM truck, Silverado, SS, Cadillac CTS-V, Pontiac GTO, G8, or Firebird!

Choosing between short tube and long tube headers:
For easy replacement of the ugly (and most likely rusty) exhaust manifolds, short tube headers make a cost-effective upgrade. These are basically tubular exhaust manifolds and do offer higher flow than the cast units they replace. If you are looking for ultimate performance however, we recommend long tube headers, which offer the largest power gains. Different primary tube diameters are available and must be sized to match each setup. Smaller diameter tubes work best for stock to lightly modified engines, whereas large diameters work well for peak power gains on higher power output applications.