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Fuel your fire-breathing monster with the wide selection of fuel delivery parts found here at JDP Motorsports! From fuel injectors to high output fuel pumps, we have everything you need to build a fuel system to match the power output from your high performance engine.
With modern EFI systems, making fueling adjustments and tuning for other modifications has become a much more efficient and repeatable task. With the advanced engine control modules of today, you can simply install a set of larger injectors and make a few tune adjustments to compensate, giving your engine exactly what it needs without sacrificing drivability. JDP Motorsports carries the full line of Injector Dynamics high performance injectors for all applications. With proper spray patterns, these state-of-the-art injectors are designed to offer OEM drivability and smooth power output, while providing the necessary flow for the application.
Keep your thirsty fuel injectors at ease by upgrading your fuel pump to a higher flowing unit. The factory fuel pumps work well for factory power output, but begin to struggle to keep up with high performance modifications. JDP Motorsports offers direct-replacement GM pumps for the OEM in-tank units, as well as complete high performance fuel systems from Fore Innovations with multiple fuel pumps to support extreme power levels.