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Engines/Engine Parts

Let's face it: the top priority of any car enthusiast is to improve the driving experience of his or her vehicle, by upgrading the engine to power levels that are higher than stock. Some look for simple bolt-on upgrades for mild, cost-effective power increases, while some look to build the engine from top to bottom to squeeze every last ounce of power from it. When it comes to such engine upgrades, look no further than JDP Motorsports! We carry everything you need to upgrade your engine, from basic OEM replacement parts such as head gaskets, seals, and filters to high performance aftermarket upgrades like valvetrain, intake manifolds, balancers, pulleys, and complete performance packages!

Take a look our JDP Motorsports performance packages, which are designed to bolt directly onto your engine and give generous increases in horsepower. These are sold in stages to suit your build best, with options for headers, intake manifolds, throttle bodies, cams, and tuning. This is the most thorough upgrade package available and designed to directly fit each application!