JDP Motorsports - Performance Auto Parts Store

JDP Motorsports sells parts and accessories for your Buick Regal. Whether it’s a 1997-2004 Regal or a 2009-2015 Regal we have parts that will make your Buick faster from start to stop. JDP Motorsports sells Buick Regal brakes, and cold air intakes from Cold Air Inductions. If you want to tune your Buick Regal, JDP sells kits from HP Tuners to get the most horsepower and efficiency out of your motor. If you want your Buick Regal to sound better and increase horsepower check out the cat-back exhaust from Magnaflow for the Regal 2.0 and 2.4L. And just in case this isn’t enough, the experts at JDP can do anything and everything to make your Regal shine, including turbos and superchargers.