JDP 6th Gen Development Camaro

We're prepping Evilynn for the SCCA CAM Challenge in San Diego this weekend!! From March 03 to March 07, Classic American Muscle (CAM) is one of the newest and hottest classes from SCCA. The CAM Challenge brings the best looking and sounding Muscle cars in the country.

The events will run three CAM classes at the events: CAM-T, CAM-C, CAM-S. Each driver gets three runs on Saturday morning and three runs on Saturday afternoon. Trophies will be awarded on Saturday night to the top competitors in each class, based on the driver’s best run in the morning added to their best time in the afternoon. On Sunday morning, everyone gets three runs to qualify for the CAM Challenge. The top 16 drivers in each class will earn their way into the CAM Challenge. The three winners of the CAM Challenge classes will run off to determine an overall Classic American Muscle winner!

In preparation for this year’s event, we've equipped Evilynn with a new JDP Stage II Brake setup, Fresh BFGoodrich Rival-S tires and a ColorSHIFT Halo Kit.

Last year’s event in Fontana was a blast – we can’t wait to hit the track at this year’s event!