Fastest Street Car - February 2017 Volume 17

In their February Magazine, Fastest Street Car included event coverage of the NMCA West Street Car Nationals. This included short highlights of many of the racers involved in the events. Among many other skilled drivers, JDP Driver Jordan Priestley was featured for his participation in the only 2016 Camaro SS entered this season. Priestley was the overall Modern Muscle Points Leader as well as the recipient of this year's 2016 Ultimate Hotchkis Cup.

Pages 62-63

"Camaros are quite popular at the NMCA West Hotchkis AutoX, but there is only one guy with a 2016 Camaro out on track. Driver Jordan Priestley is the man behind JDP [Motorsports]; a name that you can see scattered among many of the late-model vehicles in the pits. Jordan secured his win in the Modern Muscle Class Sunday afternoon, beating Nelson and twenty-five other competitors racing in the Modern Muscle Class." -Fastest Street Car Magazine

Pages 98-99

"Jordan, who started with a stock 2016 Camaro, made several changes throughout the year, including suspension upgrades and engine modifications, to improve lap times. As Priestley was crowned overall winner, everyone could see the weight lifted off his shoulders knowing he had secured this year's win as overall champion." -Fastest Street Car Magazine

Pages 100-101

In addition to the event coverage, event schedules for 2017 were included on pages 101-103.

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